Chinese Gate Crashing Ideas

Indian weddings have dancing, Malay weddings have their void deck rock bands, but when it comes to Chinese weddings, there is the distinctive unforgettable “gate crashing”. Husbands to be, we feel your pain but it is after all part and parcel of the Chinese culture so take it like a man. Being in the trade for so long, we have seen some pretty weird. Some are cute, some are creepy and others are just plain painful. Sisters, this is for you. Here is a count down to some of our favorites for your inspiration!

The ice cube key
We see this almost every week. The sisters will freeze a key in an ice cube and the dudes will have to remove the key with nothing but their body heat. This becomes twice as fun when there is a fat guy on the grab the nearest fat guy and rub it vigorously on his belly!

While it does not sound too bad, downing a cup full of concentrated honey is not pleasant, not to mention healthy! Pretend to drink and when no one is looking dump it into the neighbour’s plants.

Wasabi, the wonder paste
Wasibi is an all time favourite. And the cool thing is it is so versatile! Don’t just put it in biscuits, or in a sandwich. You can do better than that, put it on a toothbrush and you have an instant toothbrush of death.

The dangling fruit
Get the brothers to work as a team to pluck some fruits or sweets that strung up on the ceiling! This is a fun and harmless game and never fails to work them into a sweat.

Dance Dance Revolution
Hook up the laptop to the computer and have on standby a youtube clip of the latest corny or sexy dance and get the boys to imitate the dance. The wonder girls were a big hit last year and it is hilarious seeing the boys move their hips.

The long distance love declaration
One of the most dreaded among neighbours is the long distance love declaration. Sisters will demand that the brothers head to the next hdb block and shout out a love song. Dangerous if you live next to the police post, priceless if you have a videographer to capture the moment.

Egg in pants
Objective seems simple enough. Get the brothers to move a hard boiled egg through the pants the brother to the right. But take it up a notch by blind folding them. Watch in horror as they handle the wrong “sphere”. Make it more interesting by making the first fool who drops the egg eat it.

Kissy lips
Get the boys to form a line, pass around lipstick and get them to form a kissing daisy chain! This gets a lot less fun and very terrifying if there is a queer in the bunch.

Panties and markers
On the top of the list of our most embarrassing pranks you can play on the brothers is to get them to put on paper panties and make them take turns to kneel in front of each other, with a marker pen in their mouth, write their initials on the crotch region. I need not tell you what this looks like. Good clean fun!