Calling out to all Singapore wedding couples! We thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand our services.

How do I engage your services?

You first need to look at our different packages. We have various packages that suit different budgets and needs. Pick one, and contact us to arrange for an obligation free meeting to view our work in person as well as to just get to know us a little better in person! No pressure tactics, we promise! Once you are comfortable with our services and are ready to commit to our services we will need to collect a 20% deposit of the total bill to secure your booking down. Note that no booking is made until we receive the deposit!

Can’t I just sign a contract with you? Why do I have to give a deposit?

Photography is a service based industry and once we commit to a client, we have to reject other wedding requests on the same day so we need to be sure that the client is serious about the booking as well and a financial commitment is the most effective way to ensure commitment from both ends.

What happens if there are changes in the date?

If changes are made to the date, it is important to inform us ASAP. So we can either shift our schedule or look into assigning a different photographer from our team to your wedding. An additional administration fee of $200 will be incurred if the change is less than 3 months to the wedding.

What happens if the wedding is cancelled or if we choose not to go ahead with your services after signing the contract?

In the unlikely and unfortunate situation that the wedding is off, the initial 20% deposit paid will be forfeited and is not refundable.

Can I sign up for a cheaper package and upgrade it later to a better package after the wedding is over?

Yes, you can. If the ang paos have been kind to you, you can always choose to upgrade your package later.

How many photographers will you be deploying to my wedding?

All our packages only come with 1 photographer. Having 2 photographers is naturally more ideal as one can focus on candid shots and one can focus on more posed photos but will incur additional costs. Contact us for more info on having additional photographers or videographers for your wedding and we will customise a package for you.

Will the photographer be able to follow us to take location shots in the afternoon?

Yes, as long as weather permits. The photographer’s time for the whole day is literally yours. Do with us as you like! If you have engaged our videographer, he needs to have at least a 5-6 hour window between the morning and evening activities if you want him to produce a express highlight clip of the morning activities for viewing during the evening.

Do you have your own transport?

We normally piggy back on one of the bridal entourage cars. But if there is no space for us, we will arrange for taxis to bring us from point A to point B. But it is best that you inform us of this earlier. We have a car should the need arise.

What cameras do you use?

Only the good stuff! D800 and Canon 5D Mk3. And we will bring backups of all our equipment as well in case of breakdown.

How many photos will I get?

As a benchmark, we shoot between 800-1300 photos per typical wedding. There will be a number of repeated photos. We normally shoot extra of each scene just to be safe. Out of the total, you can expect anywhere between 300-500 unique edited photos as an end product. We will also return you all the raw images but we will not be editing all the raw images.

How many pages are there in 1 album?

You can find our more info about our albums from this link.

Do we provide free hair and makeup and suits?

Our packages do not include hair and makeup. We are actual day photographers, and do not specialise in pre-wedding studio shoots. We also do not have bridal gowns or suits for rental.

My bridal studio has included 1 actual day photographer in their package, why should I bother to hire SG Media?

By and large, bridal studios do not have their own specialised actual day photographer. Their strength lies in studio shoots and gown rentals. Some bridal studios are notorious for hiring the cheap amateur labour and they seldom get the job done right. We are not saying that all bridal studio packaged photographers are bad. But it is always better to go to the source, where you can be the best judge of what you are paying for, speak to the people who will be shooting your wedding and get better customised deals.

I have another photographer (brother/sister/father/friend/uncle/cousin) that will be shooting alongside you at my wedding. Will that be an issue?

We do not encourage this. We understand that your other photographer is doing this out of the best of intentions but they will be in the way, guests will be annoyed with multiple photographers bothering them and it is never a good idea.

Can I get a discount off your services if I take up multiple services, like Photography and Videography?

Yes. Once we have a chance to meet with you, and properly evaluate your needs, we will put together a package deal. Please feel free to ring us at 90907746 or drop me an email at No obligations.