Wedding Day Tips for the Singapore Bride

If you remember just one thing from this article, it is to plan ahead. Brides will be bombarded by a million things to do during your wedding day, but unlike your husband who will be bouncing around with suit on, you are far less mobile, with your heels and poofy gown. And to make things worst, there is that famous Singapore heat.

But planning early will make your life much easier. Here is a check list of things you should have prepared.

Making Up Kit
Yes you would most likely have a make up artist to do you up in the morning and in the evening before the dinner but to look good in between, you need a easy to carry mobile make up kit.

Create a wedding day make-up kit before the wedding. A little make-up bag for touch ups that you can take along with you the day of the wedding will help to keep you looking your best. And on the big day, have a friend or bridesmaid, to stash it somewhere convenient so you can get to it when you need it. Do not leave out hairspray or mascara. Those make up samples that you can ask for at make up counters are ideal as they do not take up much space.

Emergency Kit
We have lost track the number of times we have seen gowns suddenly fit too loose, flowers are not held in place, the bride runs a flu, the groom gets a sore throat from shouting too much at the gate crashing or the camera man knocking over a glass and cuts himself. So bring an emergency kit with the following:
Sewing kit
Throat Lozenges
Safety pins
Double sided tape
An extra laptop
Some biscuits
Gastric pills
Band aids

Stock a hearty breakfast the night before
Starting your wedding day fresh and on a full stomach! Lets face it, you will be waking up super early in the morning and will not have time to make breakfast in the morning. Before you know it, you would have had your shower and the make up artist is at your door. You will not have time to make breakfast. So it is important to prepare in advance, some food that is easy to reheat in the morning. Same goes for making sure you get a full meal before the dinner. You will not have time to eat much during the reception and the last thing you want to do on your wedding night is to pass out. Even a power bar would be helpful to keep in your emergency kit.

Get a Wing Woman
Get someone who has “done it before” to be your wing woman. She should be someone you can trust to keep track of time and inventory. A wedding consultant is the best option but if budget does not permit, get an elder sister or a married friend. She should carry your handphone and preferably have a bossy personality!

An program sheet with contacts
This is absolutely critical. You need a program sheet, that has everyone’s chores and contacts for your wedding to work. Send this sheet out to everyone, including brothers, sisters, photographers and hotel staff if necessary. Enough said.