Our style

Communication is key. We need to identify what the client’s preference is...

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Professional event coverage

Leave your event to our professional event photographers...

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Food Photography

Food Styling

We offer food styling making food look attractive in the finished photograph...

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Kids Photography

Kids birthday parties are lot like weddings,we follow the birthday boy or girl.

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Since 1993


We offer a full suite of photography and videography solutions for both consumers and for the business communities.

Some notable work we have done would include covering shooting for some of the biggest international lifestyle events in Singapore and in the region, being flown to Fukushima during the crisis to cover the disaster and shooting cookbooks for celebrity chefs. But what really keeps us coming in to work every day are personal events like weddings, where we have a personal connection with the client.


Let's get started!

We do not mess around. This is what we do for a living and we are serious about our trade.